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The Lookstein Center maintains that the most effective means of promoting school improvement in the Jewish school is to work with the total school organization over an extended period of time. The Center has engaged in on-going Jewish education projects and cooperative relationships with schools and communities in the FSU, South America, North America, England and Australia

School evaluation teams, composed of experts in general and Jewish studies as well as in school leadership and management, conduct a thorough analysis of the school organization, program and culture in partnership with the total school community. Following an in-depth study of the school, an action plan for improvement is presented to the school’s professional and lay leadership.

The Lookstein team is prepared to guide the processes necessary for implementation of the plan, including professional and lay leadership development, professional development for faculty, curriculum design and implementation, all part of an overall process of school change in which the school can re-envision itself to meet the new challenges of an evolving community. These programs include on-site work by The Lookstein Center team, workshops and seminars in Israel, and ongoing asynchronous as well as real-time online communication so that support is available to the school community on a daily basis.

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