1. Balak sends messengers to recruit the sorcerer Bilam to curse the Jewish People as they approach Balak's territory. Bilam consults with God who refuses to grant him permission to go, yet Balak won't accept a negative response and repeatedly sends additional delegations with even greater offers of payment. Although Bilam knows that God won't agree, he has the messengers stay overnight, leading them to believe that there might be a possibility of his joining them. Is it appropriate to walk into a store and consult with a shopkeeper even when you know that you will not be buying anything in the store?

  2. In one of Bilam's blessings he identifies the Jews as a nation which stands alone, not included amongst the others. The modern State of Israel often faces international criticism for its actions, which she believes to be morally and ethically correct. Is it enough to do the right thing, or should one be concerned that others perceive it as the right thing?

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