1. There are special rules governing the conduct of Priests ("Kohanim") and the rest of the people are instructed to treat the Kohanim with special reverence. What are the benefits and disadvantage of having a permanent class of elites? Is a classless society an unrealizable ideal? What must be done to prevent them from abusing their power? If the Kohanim do abuse their position, are the people allowed to abrogate their responsibilities toward the Kohanim?

  2. A Kohen with a permanent blemish is forbidden from performing the sacrificial service, much as a blemished animal may not be brought to the altar. The quest for perfection in our private lives can desensitize us to those who are less than perfect. Is it appropriate to establish elite schools or country clubs which will exclude the intellectually or financially-deprived members of our society? Should a synagogue founded on the principle of proper decorum be condemned for barring those whose imperfection includes an unwillingness to refrain from loud talking during the prayers?

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