1. Eliezer asks God to send him a sign that the woman greeting him is indeed the appropriate mate for Yitzhak. Is it appropriate to ask God for signs? Can we expect God to respond to such requests? Do such requests turn God into our servant, rather than the reverse?

    “You favor man with knowledge and teach mortals understanding. Favor us with knowledge, understanding, and discernment from you…” - from the Amidah (The Eighteen Benedictions)

  2. Avram has additional children with Keturah, but sends them away from Yitzhak. What happens to those descendants later in history? What kind of relationship do they develop with the descendants of Yitzhak? What impact may their being sent away have on them, or on Yitzhak? Is it possible that Yitzhak's desire to keep Esav close at hand is a reaction to his father's handling of his own brothers?

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