1. The Bible goes to great lengths to emphasize the care we need to take for the strangers amongst us. With all the dangers lurking in modern society, from fear of burglary, kidnapping and terrorism to fear of los of identity due to massive influx of foreigners, we often tend to err on the side of caution. How can we construct communities that will both protect us from the threats coming from the outside while at the same time, be open and welcoming to precisely those who are on the outside?

  2. There is a command to rebuke our fellow Jews for their wrongdoings. The Talmud comments that just as it is a command to issue rebuke when one believes that it will be heard, so too we are instructed to refrain from rebuke if we believe that it will not be effective. What things must we do to help ensure that our words of rebuke will be heard? How open are we to hearing rebuke?

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