1. The Torah describes the process for taking female captives in war. Contemporary western society regards all offensive wars as essentially immoral, as it does the taking of (and holding onto) captives. Does this sanction, or even command, offensive wars? Can we resolve the Torah's perspective with that of modern western thought? Is there room in contemporary for the equivalent of a command to obliterate Amalek?

  2. The Torah permits people working in the fields to eat from the produce of the fields while they are working, as it would be cruel to have them toiling in the presence of that food and not allow them to have any. On the other hand, they are not permitted to take that produce home for their families, as that would be considered an abuse of the privilege, and crosses the line into the realm of theft. Are workers in an office permitted to take home office supplies for their home use (pencils, stationery, etc.) or is that to be considered theft?

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