1. The scouts sent by Moshe return from The Promised Land with a report that points to the land's goodness on the one hand but the difficulties in conquering it on the other. The media is often accused of coloring the news with personal opinions and perspectives, even in the use of terminology. (Are Palestinians who blow up Israeli buses freedom fighters, guerillas, armed resistance or terrorists?) Is it ever possible to be truly objective in reporting information? For non-media professionals, is it desirable to suppress one's own perspective in transmitting information? Where is the line between education and indoctrination?

  2. After being informed that they would not be permitted to enter the land, a small band of Israelites (in an apparent act of repentance) tried nonetheless to fulfill the dream. They encountered stiff resistance from the locals, and without Divine assistance, were roundly defeated. Children often exhibit similar behavior after being chastened by their parents. Are their attempts to be condemned for their defiance or commended for their determination? What alternative approaches do children, and their parents, have for dealing with these situation?

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