1. God offers Moshe a series of signs, ranging from snakes and leprosy to the well-known ten plagues. These signs are meant to convince Pharaoh, as well as the Jewish people, that indeed it is God who has sent Moshe. Is a faith which is founded on miraculous events truly faith? Is such a faith likely to endure difficult times? What should be the foundation of one's faith?

  2. The plagues apparently affected all Egyptians. (We know, for example, that the plague of the first-born affected every Egyptian household without exception.) Is it possible that there were no good Egyptians? There has been much discussion over the past few years about a book called "Hitler's Willing Executioners," in which the author claims that hatred of Jews was so deeply embedded in German culture that it was easy for the masses of Germans to join in the Nazi campaign of extermination. In the last two years, there has been an alarming resurgence of European antisemitism. Can a culture of hate be undone?

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