1. In his blessing to Shimon & Levi, Yaakov seems to reveal that he bears a long-standing grudge against them, leaving them with what sounds like a curse rather than a blessing. Compare this with the Torah admonition not to bear grudges, but rather to rebuke our fellow out of love (Vayyikra 19:17-18). Is the Torah's admonition an attempt to rectify an error made by Yaakov, or is it sometimes appropriate to withhold comments and wait for an apporpriate moment? Are parents different from ordinary citizens in this regard?

  2. Yaakov insists that Yosef swear that he will bring him back to his homeland for burial. Do relationships based on trust alone, without formal commitments, work? Is there value in insisting on formal contracts and commitments, even with those with whom we have a fundamental trust? Are there times when formalizing a relationship can harm the bonds of trust?

    A prenuptial agreement is an example of a formal contract that some people sign with those they love and trust the most. To learn more about Jewish prenuptial agreements, click here.

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