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These Parashat Hashavua lessons (Bereshit through Mishpatim) are based on the study sheets (gilyonot) of Nechama Leibowitz. These lessons were written by Stanley Peerless and Aryeh Strikovsky, in consultation with Yitzhak Reiner, students of Nechama's methodology. They utilize study sheets that she did not use in her famous studies (iyunim) on the weekly Torah portion.

Sefer Bereshit

Parashat Bereshit
And Behold It Was Very Good
Crime and Punishment

Parashat Noah
Destruction and Rebirth
The Flood and the Exile (haftarah)

Parashat Lekh Lekha
Particularism and Universalism
The Message to the Skeptics (haftarah)

Parashat Vayera
The Expulsion of Yishmael
Avraham welcomes the Angels

Parashat Hayyei Sarah
A Stranger and a Resident
Adoniyahu's Rebellion (haftarah)

Parashat Toldot
And Esav Despised the Birthright
The Blessings of Yitzchak

Parashat Vayetze
The Meaning of Names
Rachel and the Teraphim

Parashat Vayyishlah
Go up to Beit El
To Judge the Mountain (haftarah)

Parashat Vayyeshev
Yehuda and Tamar
The Righteousness of Tamar

Parashat Miketz
Three Days in Custody
Faith vs. Human Effort

Parashat Vayyigash
And No Man Stood with Yosef
Yosef Reveals His Identity

Parashat Vayyehi
The Blessing of Yehuda
The Blessing of Yissachar

Sefer Shemot
Parashat Shemot
Go, Return to Egypt
What Is His Name

Parashat Vaera
The Reluctant Leader

Parashat Bo
The New Month
And He Left Pharaoh

Parashat Beshalah
A Time to Act
The Bitter Water

Parashat Yitro
The Iniquity of the Fathers

Parashat Mishpatim
All Given at Sinai

The above image originally appeared on the jacket of the Nehama Leibowitz printed series © WZO/JAFI and is reproduced here with permission from the online series © The Pedagogic Center, The Department for Jewish Zionist Education, JAFI.