The Chanukah Mystery Webquest

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You are an investigator with the Gefilte Fish Detective Agency.

You just got a phone call with your next case. Mr Blum was cleaning out his basement and he found a box labeled Chanukah. Inside, he found dreidels, a recipe for latkes, and a large collection of chanukiot. Some of the chanukiot look a little funny to him and hes not sure which ones hes allowed to use. Chanukah is coming and he needs answers fast!


You decide to take action. First, you will sort through the chanukiot found in the box and find out which ones can be used to light Chanukah candles.

Then you will build a kosher chanukiah which you will display in your Agency's front window. Hopefully, this will prevent others from getting confused!


1.Find out what makes a kosher Chanukiah by reading the laws.

2. Look at all the Chanukiot in Mr Blum's box. Which ones can be used?

3. Build your own chanukiah based on the laws - be creative!

4. Present your chanukiah to your customers (your classmates) and explain why it chanukiah is kosher.


Chanukiah Laws (Halachot): These are the laws that relate to Chanukiot.

Mr Blum's Box: This is the collection of chanukiot found in Mr Blum's box.



How was your investigation? Check the rubric below.




4 Points


3 Points


2 Points


1 Point

Did you classify Mr Blum's chanukiot properly





Did your chanukiah show that you understood the halachot?





Does your chanukiah show that you spent significant time and effort in its creation?





Did you clearly explain to the class why your chanukiah was kosher?





Did you work quietly and respectfully in the classroom?






Mr Blum was so happy with your work that he whipped up a batch of latkes for you.

But, as he piled them high on your plate, he mentioned that he has a large collection of haggadot that he wants you to look at!

Chanukah sameach!


Chana German for The Lookstein Center for Jewish Education, 2007.