Digital Curricula

The Lookstein Center has more than 15 years experience developing digital curricula for Jewish Studies. Packages can be licensed by Jewish schools and used in traditional or blended classrooms. The curricula include instructional materials, formative and summative assessments, videos, and interactive activities.

The Lookstein Center also creates custom-made digital curricula based on school/organization needs. Materials can be designed in English/Spanish/Russian.

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Curriculum Development Partnerships

The Lookstein Center works in collaboration with school staff to write Jewish studies curricula for Jewish elementary, middle, and high schools. With their Lookstein consultant, school educators explore content, educational philosophy, and pedagogy, so that the school team is intimately involved with the process of creating the curriculum – and will have the skills to continue developing new curricular materials as need arises.

Each curriculum is written specifically to meet the needs of the respective school or organization, greatly enhancing its successful implementation.


  • Hebrew language
  • Chumash
  • Navi
  • Jewish History
  • Halacha
  • Jewish Thought
  • Jewish Life

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