Call for Papers: Space – Winter 2019

Traditional classrooms were rectangles with rows of desks lined up neatly. The open school movement began to challenge that model in the 1960s, but most schools tended to stick with the traditional design. Contemporary school architecture has begun to imagine innovative design principles for nearly every physical object and space in the school – the building, classrooms, desks, seats, offices, teacher’s rooms, and more. This issue of the journal will explore the topic of space, and will address questions such as:

  • How does the design of a building and its components convey messages about the school’s core values?
  • How do design elements in the school building impact on the school environment, the student experience, and student learning?
  • How can a school housed in a traditional building adapt its current space without significant construction expenses?
  • How can the design of the classroom be adapted for different instructional and learning modes?
  • How are our notions of metaphorical spaces, such as safe spaces or holy spaces, relevant to this conversation?

Abstracts should be sent to by July 26, 2019

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