The publications of The Lookstein Center are designed to nurture and strengthen professional development and create new perspectives among Jewish educators.

Below are The Lookstein Center’s publications currently for sale.

David the King: A Transcription of a Lecture by David Silber
Joseph and His Brothers: A Story of Change, a monograph by Uriel Simon
The Community School: The Proceedings of an Online Discussion, a monograph edited by Zvi Grumet
Judaism and Modernity: Realigning the Two Worlds, a monograph by Yitz Greenberg
Torah B’Chevrutah: Sefer Bereshit for the Early Years, a student workbook
Torah B’Chevrutah: Sefer Bereshit for the Early Years, a teacher’s guide
Curriculum: Real Teachers in Real Focus – A Study in Jewish Education, academic research by Oded E. Schremer and Stephen Bailey
To Study and To Teach: The Methodology of Nechama Leibowitz, by Stanley Peerless
Jewish Educational Leadership, The Lookstein Center Journal for Jewish educators
Studies in the Five Megillot, by Dr. Gabriel Cohen (עיונים בחמש המגילות)
Jewish Education in Transition: Proceedings of the First International Conference on Jewish Education, edited by Zvi Grumet (Ben Yehuda Press)

The eleven thought-provoking papers in this volume were originally presented at a conference sponsored in 2005 by the Lookstein Center for Jewish Education in the Diaspora with The Shul in Bal Harbor, FL. They touch upon core issues facing Jewish educators today: identity development, Jewish identification, the impact of media and Internet use on Orthodox Jewish youth, challenges in teaching universalism in a particularistic culture, teaching Judaism in a post-modern world, educational implications of the 2001 Jewish Population survey, Zionist attitudes among yeshiva students in Israel, and more.

The Educational Shaliach, 1939-2009: A Socio-History of a Unique Project in Formal and Informal Jewish Education, by Erik H. Cohen

Constructing the National Identity, Jewish Education in Russia: Twenty Years after the End of the Cold War, edited by Vladimir (Ze’ev) Khanin, Alek D. Epstein and Velvl Chernin

Teaching Jewish Ethics in School, teachers’ guide (in Russian), by Uri Ta’ir and Herman Levin

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