Below is a collection of Chanukah lesson plans, interactive tools, and articles created by The Lookstein Center staff or contributed to site by Jewish educators.  

online CHANUKAH activities 

Chanukah Mystery – an interactive slideshow by The Lookstein Center which explores the laws of chanukiot for grades 3-5
Chanukah SMART Board Lessons – a collection of SMART board lessons on the topic of Chanukah by Legacy Heritage Foundation
My Menorah Online Candle Lighting Game – an interactive game by Jewish Interactive which teaches young students the order and process of candle lighting
Virtual Candle Lighting – a simple online candle lighting experience by The Virtual Menorah
Online Dreidel Competition – an interactive dreidel playing game, for individuals or multiple players, by  ABCYA
Chanukah Activities  – a collection of videos, coloring pages, lessons and more from the Israel Forever Foundation.

Lesson plans: Chanukah and Soviet Jewry
A Chanukah Letter from Moscow – a lesson plan by The Lookstein Center’s Refusenik Project which explores the difficulty that Soviet Jews faced in expressing their religious beliefs
Chanukah and Soviet Jewry – a lesson plan  by The Lookstein Center’s Refusenik Project which explores how Chanukah was celebrated by Soviet Jewry
Winter Holidays and Jewish Identity  in the Soviet Union – a lesson plan by The Lookstein Center’s Refusenik Project about the connection between winter holidays and Jewish values

Chanukah videos and songs
Bohemian Chanukah – a musical adaptation of the Chanukah story by Six13
Candlelight – a musical adaptation of the Chanukah story by the Maccabeats
The Hanukkah Story for Kids: Maccabees, Miracles and Dreidels – an animated explanation of Chanukah basics by Bimbam (for younger students)
The Chanukah Shaboom! Special- Great Miracles – an animated Chanukah story by Bimbam (for younger students)
Learn to Light the Chanukah Candles with Kids – singalong video of Chanukah candle lighting blessing by Bimbam
What is Hanukkah? – a video explanation of Chanukah basics by Bimbam (for older students)
Hanukkah – Mayim Bialik – a video explanation of Chanukah basics by Mayim Bialik
How to Cook Latkes for Hanukkah – a latke making video recipe and explanation by Mayim Bialik
Chanukah Medley – an animated video singalong by Micha Gamerman
Chanukah Piyutim –  a collection of Chanukah songs with audio and lyrics by (Hebrew)
A Star Wars Chanukah – a musical parody by Six13
Pan Fry – a modern musical parody by the Maccabeats

Chanukah texts online
Megilat Antiochus – the complete text of the second century retelling of the Chanukah story on Sefaria
Sefer Maccabim I  and Sefer Maccabim II – the complete text of the  Apocryphal books on Sefaria

printable Chanukah Instructional Materials
Chanukah Scavenger Hunt Lesson –  an online scavenger hunt activity for grades 3-6 by Debbie Shohat
Chanukah Scavenger Hunt Lesson  – an online scavenger hunt activity for grades 7-8 by Debbie Shohat
Chanukah Source Source Material and Teacher’s Guide – a comprehensive source sheet of Chanukah educational texts by David Sedley (TorahLab)
Chanukah Word Search with Hebrew Vocabulary – a printable word search activity to enhance Hebrew vocabulary by The Lookstein Center
Chanukah Word Search with English Vocabulary – a printable word search activity to reinforce Chanukah terminology for students by The Lookstein Center
Light up Africa Lesson Plan – a lesson plan about Chanukah and Israel’s role in helping African communities by Jewish Heart of Africa


The 5 Ws of Chanukah – an introductory powerpoint for elementary school by The Lookstein Center
Chanukah and the December Dilemma – a powerpoint exploring the connection between Chanukah and secular winter holidays for high school by Helene Audrey Bergman
The Wars of the Maccabim – a powerpoint exploring the wars of the Maccabim for middle and high school by Aryeh Rotenberg
Chanukah: The Festival of Light – a powerpoint of Chanukah basics for elementary school by Suzy Stone of ICTeachers and adapted by the Lookstein Center 

Chanukah Articles

The Menorah: A Jewish Symbol – an educational resource guide for the classroom by Hadassah Levy
The Obligation of Women in Lighting Chanukah Candles (in Hebrew) – a discussion of women’s roles and obligations in lighting Chanukah candles by Aharon Lichtenstein
The Miracle of the Lights – a discussion of the miracles of Chanukah by Yair Kahn
Late Lighting of  Chanukah Lights – an article in  Peninei Torah , a collection of thought-provoking articles on Gemara study by Chaim Jachter (page 31)

Classroom Chanukah Plays

Chanukah Play by Amihai Bannett – a humorous play in which ES/MS students relay the miracle of Chanukah as a breaking news broadcast from the Torah News Network.
“The Chanukah Play” by Mike Freedman of ICTeachers– a three page play that tells the story of the Chanukah miracle.
Hanukkah, Shmanukkah! – A Reader’s Theater Script Adapted by the Story by Esme Raji Codell – a humorous, modern script that weaves together the story of Chanukah and the American dream.


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