Digital Curriculum

Why Digital? The Lookstein Center’s digital curricula are designed to empower teachers to do what they do best, teach! Each curriculum offers a comprehensive package of excellent, ready-made instructional materials, activities, videos, assessments and more. 

Personalize and individualize learning
Bring Jewish studies to life with engaging and creative content
Save invaluable prep and grading time and spend it with students
Cultivate student voice and choice – fostering deep and meaningful connections

How Does it Work? The Lookstein Center’s digital curricula include instructional materials, multimedia, and assessments—all controlled by the local classroom teacher. Teachers can utilize the learning assets that support their Jewish studies goals, modify what isn’t exactly right, and leave the rest. 

Teachers receive pre-teaching training and ongoing support for tailoring the curriculum to their classroom needs, a teacher’s guide including instructional objectives and pedagogic guidance, and tools for tracking and maximizing student achievement. Curricular materials can be utilized in traditional and blended classrooms. 

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Jewish History Curricula

Travel back in time and discover the challenges and tragedies, leadership and innovations, and heroism and bravery of the last 2,000 years in Jewish history.

Key Features:

  • Interactive instructional materials with checks for understanding
  • Rubric-based activities, assignments, and assessments
  • Discussion topics
  • Teacher dashboard with student activity reports
  • Teacher’s guide
  • Teacher training

Digital Jewish History Curricula are Available for:

  • A Story of Resilience and Survival: 2-Part Jewish History Survey – middle school
  • Inspirational Figures of the 20th Century – middle school
  • Who is Talmud – middle/high school
  • Remembering the Holocaust – high school
  • Exile and Return: Jewish History Survey – high school 

Sneak Peek:

Tanach Curricula

Embedded in the language, stories, and personalities of Tanach, we find beautiful, rich lessons that are just as relevant today as they were thousands of years ago. 

Key Features:

  • Interactive instructional materials, videos, and games
  • Hebrew vocabulary / textual analysis assignments and activities
  • Discussion topics
  • Teacher dashboard with student activity reports
  • Teacher’s guide
  • Teacher training

Digital Tanach Curricula are Available for:

  • Sefer Yehoshua – elementary school
  • Sefer Shoftim – elementary school
  • Sefer Shmuel Bet – middle school
  • The Big 10: An Adventure in Core Jewish Values – middle school
  • Sefer Shemot – high school

Sneak Peek:

“…The idea of the teacher being a ‘guide on the side’ instead of a ‘sage on the stage’ really resonated with me. It is difficult to find ways to help students be independent learners and to take responsibility for their own learning, but our conversations during the training helped me understand how a digital curriculum can help create an environment that gives students autonomy over their own learning…the students loved the activities and the videos and I loved that they were taking charge.”

7th Grade Jewish Studies Teacher