Project Lead Jewish Educators Program for Russian Speakers


Since 2020, The Lookstein Center has trained more than 100 Russian-speaking Jewish educators located in the FSU and Europe.  The program, which has online and face-to-face components, includes the study of Jewish Studies and pedagogic principles.  Participants successfully completing all five courses (140 hours) receive a certificate from The Lookstein Center at Bar-Ilan University. 


Participation will be open to individuals who:

  • Work at least part-time in an educational role the Jewish community
  • Work as youth leaders (madrichim), counselors, teachers, or other professionals whose work will be positively impacted by such training
  • Russian-speaking participants from Europe and the FSU
  • Are aged 22-55

Program and Schedule

The program runs over 12-months and  includes a combination of online courses and a face-to-face seminar focusing on pedagogy.  Course topics include: 

  • Introduction to the Jewish Bookshelf 
  • Introduction to Jewish History
  • Jewish Life and Living
  • Questions and Answers in Jewish Thought
  • Jews and Judaism around the World


Tuition is almost fully covered by a combination of communal partnerships and scholarships. Tuition covers the educational program (both online and in Europe) and the Europe trip (airfare, food and accommodations, and day trips). 

Participants are responsible for a $125 registration fee (which translates to $25 per online course) for the online component. For payment plans or other financial considerations please contact us here. The registration fee is due 10 days before the program begins.