Jewish Educational Leadership invites articles for the Winter 2021 issue focusing on:

Meaning-making in Jewish Education

It is hard to imagine anyone involved in Jewish education, whether on the professional or lay level, who would not agree that it must, at some point, be meaningful for the students. What does it mean for education to be meaningful? Should the “meaning-making” be a core component of every part of the educational process or should it be “appetizer” or the “dessert” for the main meal of knowledge and skills? Can we measure the results of our “meaning-making” efforts or does the attempt to measure undermine those very efforts?

The Winter 2021 issue of Jewish Educational Leadership is devoted to exploring the role of meaning in Jewish education. We will explore questions including, but not limited to:

  1. How do we define meaning making?
  2. Where should meaning-making be happening in Jewish schools?
  3. What could meaning-making look like at various developmental levels, from K-12, and across a range of belief systems?
  4. How do we balance the need for knowledge, skills, and meaning, and can they be integrated?
  5. How can teachers navigate between their own, personal meanings and helping students find meaning in their learning?
  6. How do we translate a general desire to have Jewish learning meaningful into a curricular program which will trickle down into specific subject matter including Hebrew language, Tanakh, Talmud, halakha, hagim, and Jewish history?

Jewish Educational Leadership is a professional journal intended for teachers, educational leaders, and interested laypeople across a range of Jewish educational settings. Articles are non-academic, designed for a broad readership, and are typically 1000-2000 words in length with no references or footnotes.

Please send abstracts or queries to the Editor-in-Chief by Dec 10, 2020. Final articles are due Jan 14, 2021.