Jewish Educational Leadership invites articles for the Fall 2020 issue focusing on:

The Role of Parents in Education

The role of parents in education is continuously evolving. There were times and societies in which parents provided all of their children’s education and those in which parents participated minimally in their children’s education. The ubiquitous Zoom classes in recent months have brought the classroom into the home so that parents both see much more of what happens in the classroom in real-time and have become much more active partners in their children’s education. These and other factors have forced both schools and parents to reexamine their relationships and the roles parents can/should/want to play in their children’s schooling. This issue of the journal is interested in questions such as:

  • Are we on the cusp of a new set of parent-school relationships?
  • How do teachers, school leaders, and parents view the ideal school-home relationship?
  • How can we adjust (minimize/maximize) parental involvement while preserving, respecting, and supporting the professionals who deal with the nitty-gritty of education on a daily basis?
  • Will the recent events spawn a new era of home-schooling? How should schools/communities provide support to parents who decide to homeschool?
  • How do educators who are also parents view the school-home dynamic?

We welcome articles from anyone involved in schooling – teachers, counselors, school leaders, interested laypeople, and of course, parents.

Please send questions and abstracts to the Editor-in-Chief by August 1, 2020. Final copies must be received by September 3, 2020.

Jewish Educational Leadership is a professional journal for Jewish educators and those concerned with Jewish education published by The Lookstein Center at Bar-Ilan University. Its articles are non-academic, designed for a broad readership, and are 1000-2000 words long.