Jewish Educational Leadership invites articles for the Spring 2023 issue focusing on

Cultivating Jewish Spirituality

Jewish history has taught us that spirituality and authentic Jewish religious experience are difficult to pass on. The Torah is full of spiritual giants whose children strayed far from their paths; kings who were righteous but had sons who pursued other gods; amongst the classical prophets, the Tanakh does not record a single instance of a prophet whose son was a prophet. This issue of the journal will address the challenge of cultivating spirituality. Can spirituality be taught and transmitted? Do different generations define and experience spirituality differently? This issue of the journal will focus questions such as:

  • What are the different types of spirituality? Is there something unique about Jewish spirituality? Can there be Jewish spirituality without God?
  • What are the challenges in cultivating spirituality? What are some of the ways to overcome those challenges? 
  • Spirituality is often associated with disengagement from worldly matters. How can spirituality and groundedness complement each other in an educational setting?
  • How is spirituality manifested at different age and developmental levels? What foundations for spirituality can be introduced in the early years to provide a foundation for spiritual growth later in life? How can spirituality be cultivated as students mature?
  • Where does spirituality belong in the school program? What texts, strategies, and tools can be used to help cultivate spirituality among Jewish youth?
  • How do we assess spiritual growth?
  • How do we foster a culture of spirituality for teachers? How do teachers help students develop their spiritual selves?

Articles should be 1000-2000 words in length, with no footnotes or academic references.

The journal is intended for teachers, educational leaders, and interested laypeople across a range of Jewish educational settings. Proposals should be 100-200 words and briefly share the focus of the proposed article and the key points the article will present. Please send proposals or queries for all submissions to the Editor-in-Chief by January 17, 2023. Deadline for the full articles will be March 10, 2023.