Jewish Educational Leadership invites articles for the Winter 2023 issue focusing on

Building the Jewish Experience

In the pre-modern world, the core experiences of Jewish life took place in the home and the community; any formal education may have provided supplemental knowledge. Entry into modernity disrupted the paradigm; for many, the schools were expected to take on greater roles in providing Jewish experiences, and in some cases, the primary role in shaping Jewish identity and experience. Using a combination of formal and informal learning experiences, schools took responsibility to educate students about Shabbat, holidays, tefillah, and the other touchpoints which shape the cycles of Jewish life so essential for building Jewish identity. This issue of Jewish Educational Leadership seeks articles which address questions including, but not limited to:

  • In what ways can schools enrich the Jewish lives of their students both in and out of school?
  • What is the school’s role in the complex interface of school, the home, and the community, particularly as it relates to the Jewish living experience?
  • What core educational values should guide the learning of topics such as Shabbat, the holidays, and parashat hashavua? How can they be explored systematically so that each year’s learning builds on and deepens previous learning without students feeling like they are repeating what they learned in previous years?
  • What can elementary, middle, and high schools learn from each other about creating meaningful, impactful, and lasting Jewish life experience?
  • How can schools teach about various areas of Jewish life and practice, while being sensitive to the diverse customs, traditions, and backgrounds within their student bodies?

Articles should be 1000-2000 words in length, with no footnotes or academic references.

The journal is intended for teachers, educational leaders, and interested laypeople across a range of Jewish educational settings. Proposals should be 100-200 words and briefly share the focus of the proposed article and the key points the article will present. Please send proposals or queries for all submissions to the Editor-in-Chief by Nov. 18, 2022. Deadline for the full articles will be Jan. 8 2023.