Jewish Educational Leadership invites articles for the Spring 2020 issue focusing on Adaptability & Resilience.

The ability to adapt, change, overcome obstacles, recover from disappointment, and bounce back from failure have long been recognized as markers for success. It has been true for the survival of individuals, success of businesses and military campaigns, and is becoming critical for survival and achievement in a world in which the pace of change can be mind-boggling. Learning skills is no longer sufficient; our students need to learn how to continually learn new skills. Adaptability and Resilience are not synonymous, but they share a common core of competencies. We are looking for articles which will address questions such as (but not limited to):

  • Are resilience and adaptability innate or can they be taught?
  • What are the limits of the benefits of creating “safe spaces” – both literal and figurative?
  • How can classroom instruction, Judaic studies learning, and informal programming contribute to helping students acquire the competencies of adaptability and resilience?
  • Can resilience be proactively and consciously modeled by faculty and staff?
  • In an era of increased awareness of dangers – online predators, school shooters, rising anti-Semitism, enhanced security in Jewish institutions – how do we help our students develop healthy and trusting relationships without being crippled by fear?
  • Can resilience be proactively and consciously modeled by faculty and staff? 

Articles are 1000-2000 words and are intended for a readership which includes educational professionals and interested lay people. Please send questions and articles to the Editor-in-Chief by January 29, 2020.