NEWLY UPDATED Antisemitism Resources

This newly updated collection of resources includes a brand new playlist of video tips for helping students cope with antisemitism. This collection also includes articles, lesson plans, and more to help teach students about this very important topic.

Jewish Educational Leadership | Volume 22:2 Winter 2023 | Jewish Education Amidst Rising Antisemitism

Winter 2024 Journal Issue

In light of the surge of global antisemitism since October 7th, we present to you the re-release of our Fall 2021 journal issue, Jewish Education Amidst Rising Antisemitism, with brand new content for Winter 2024.

Meaningful Parasha Discussions

Sefer Vayikra Resources

Discussion and reflection questions and other resources on the topics of Parashat Ha-Shavua, the weekly parasha.

Pesach Resources

Pesach is coming! Prepare to teach about Pesach with this full collection of resources, which includes haggadot, Seder tips, lesson plans, videos, and more.


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