Staff list

The Lookstein Center staff is comprised of dedicated, highly experienced educators and other professionals from Israel and worldwide, of various cultural and religious backgrounds:

Moshe Abelesz, Curriculum Development {email}

Nili Auerbach, Director, Marketing and Admissions, Lookstein Virtual Jewish Academy {email}

Meir Ben-Ytzchak, Director, Iberoamerican Desk {email}

Shalom Berger, Director, E-Communities [email}

Hyim Brandes, Director, Technology, Lookstein Virtual Jewish Academy {email}

Alissa Burstein, Director, Research, Communications, and Membership {email}

Anna Fein, Director, Russian-Language Programs {email}

Esther Feldman, Director, Information Technology and Financial Services {email}

Michal Finkelberg, Office Manager {email}

Yonah Fuld, Educational Director {email}

Chana German, Director, Lookstein Virtual Jewish Academy {email}

Zvi Grumet, Associate Educational Director {email}

Eli Kohn, Director, Curriculum Development Programs {email}

Yona Kurtz, Instructional Designer, Lookstein Virtual Jewish Academy {email}

Ilana Lipman, Director, Curriculum Development, Lookstein Virtual Jewish Academy {email}

Dee Mack, Director, Operations, Lookstein Virtual Jewish Academy {email}

Daniel Norman, Webmaster Centro de Estudios Judaicos CEJ

Chevi Rubin, Associate, Marketing and Admissions, Lookstein Virtual Jewish Academy {email}

Michal Shtrossman, Bursar and Events Coordinator {email}

Jeremy Spierer, Director, Faculty Development, Lookstein Virtual Jewish Academy {email}


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Jim Joseph Education Building at Bar-Ilan
The Lookstein Center in the Jim Joseph Education Building, Bar-Ilan University
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