Hyim Brandes, Director of Technology
Chana German, Executive Director
Dee Mack, Director of Operations
Chevi Rubin, Director of Communications and Community
Michal Shtrossman, Secretary

Curriculum Development, Professional Development, and Consulting Projects

Meir Ben-Ytzchak, Director of Iberoamerican Desk
Anna Fein, Director of Russian-Language Programs
Zvi Grumet, Director of Education
Eli Kohn, Director of Curriculum Development Programs
Daniel Norman, Webmaster Centro de Estudios Judaicos CEJ

Lookstein Virtual Jewish Academy

Nili Auerbach, Director of Admissions
Miriam Frolich, Operations Administrator
Naomi Schrager, Director of Education
Jeremy Spierer, Director of Faculty Development
Rebecca Spiewak, Administrative Assistant

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For general inquiries, please write to info@lookstein.org.