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What is Lookstein Center Membership?

Lookstein Center membership provides Jewish educators and involved lay people with a vibrant educational community to network, learn, and share with each other. Seasoned professionals and new teachers worldwide benefit from the variety of services and programs offered to them. To see our current member schools/organizations, click here.

In addition, membership revenues help to support the Lookstein Center in our quest to provide Jewish educators with programs, quality services and support.

Each membership package brings specific benefits. Among them: subscriptions to Lookstein Jewish educational e-communities (e.g. Lookjed, Mifgashim) and our journal Jewish Educational Leadership (JEL), free access to the journal archives, free advertising on our e-Announcements/Bulletin Board, and discounts on publications. Each package is detailed below (for information about Associate membership which includes a more comprehensive advertising option, click here).

[Please note that the only “restricted” pages on our site, for which you will need membership and a password, are certain Jewish Educational Leadership articles; and one need not be a member to post an ad, as ads can be posted by non-members, for a fee. Regardless, we highly value and of course encourage Center membership!]


  • Participation in e-communities
  • Free print subscription to JEL
  • “Day Pass” to JEL online (24 hour access to journal archives)
  • 20% discount on Lookstein publications

The annual fee for individual membership is $50.


  • Free posting on e-Announcements/Bulletin Board
  • Participation in e-communities
  • Multiple print copies of JEL
  • Full access to JEL online
  • 20% discount on Lookstein publications

Note: All educational staff are considered members.

The annual fee for school membership is $200.


  • Free posting on e-Announcements/Bulletin Board
  • Participation in e-communities
  • Free print subscription to JEL
  • 30% discount on Lookstein publications

The annual fee for library membership is $100.



I already get your mailings—doesn’t this mean I am already a member?

Not necessarily. You are only a member if you (or your school/organization) has paid membership dues in the past 12 months. You can still get informational and e-community (e.g. Lookjed/Mifgashim) mailings if you are not a paying member.

How can I find out if my school is a member?

If there is no one to ask there, ask us! Write to

If my school is a member, do I also have to sign up?

If your school is a member then all faculty and staff are considered members for the duration of the membership period; you do not need an individual membership. However, some people who belong to a member school do sign up as an individual too. It’s up to you!

I am not a Jewish educator—can I still become a member?

Of course, and you will be in good company! Laypeople who are interested in Jewish education are welcomed to our community. We can, and should, learn from each other.

Who can sign up for a Library membership?

Library memberships are generally intended for university libraries.  Schools/organizations/institutions should choose the school/organization membership package.

I still have some questions. Who can I contact?

Feel free to write to Alissa Burstein; you should get a response within a few days.

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