The Jewish world has been shaken by rising antisemitism. Many students may be grappling with feelings of anxiety, fear, grief, and more as they confront antisemitism in its various forms. Below are some tips, strategies, lesson plans, and resources to assist teachers in approaching this difficult topic in the classroom.


Caring for Our Students & Ourselves in the Face of Antisemitism

While there are so many questions, many without answers, there are some things that we can do right now to help our students feel safe and supported. This series of videos from The Lookstein Center at Bar-Ilan aims to give educators tools for helping our students through these troubling times.

Series Introduction

Responding to the Emotional Effects of Antisemitism

Critical Consumption of Media

Antisemitic Tropes and Why They Matter

Combatting Antisemitism With a Strong Jewish Identity

How to Differentiate Between Legitimate and Illegitimate Criticism of Israel

The Myth of Dual Loyalty

Jewish Education Amidst Rising Antisemitism Interviews

The video interviews below were recorded for the Winter 2024 Jewish Educational Leadership Journal, Jewish Education Amidst Rising Antisemitism. View the full journal here.

Understanding the New Antisemitism with Yossi Klein Halevi

From Fear to Resilience
with Marc Baker

Building Jewish Strength
with Elissa Ben-Naim

Confronting the Campus Crisis
with Yitzhak Santis
Antisemitism, Debating a Lie
with Bruce Powell

Seeing Antisemitism Clearly
with Boaz Munro

Antisemitism – So Close to Home with Avi Baran Munro

Antisemitism and Identity
with Michaela Ambrosius


Talking to Children about Antisemitism – This Lookstein Center Guide was created to help teachers address antisemitism in their classrooms with their students.
Classroom Challenges for Teaching About and Addressing Antisemitism – This report from the University of Derby details some of the reported difficulties and challenges in approaching antisemitism in the classroom.
Resources for Schools and Communities in Response to Trauma, Tragedy, and Loss – These resources for community leaders and teachers from the Azrieli Graduate School provide helpful tips and information for talking to students about antisemitism.


Educational Booklets – These booklets from StandWithUs provide meaningful content for teachers and students on subjects of antisemitism, Israeli history, and contemporary issues facing the Jewish world, and more.
The Roots and Impact of Antisemitism – This lesson plan from Facing History and Ourselves addresses the history of antisemitism and its continued effect on the world today.
Educator Video Toolbox – Antisemitism – This collection of videos and lesson plans from Yad Vashem teaches students about antisemitism in Nazi Germany and its ongoing impact.
Contemporary Antisemitism – This study unit from Echoes and Reflections analyzes antisemitism and other forms of hatred in the contemporary era.
Antisemitism Today – This guide to family conversations from the ADL gives tips and guidelines for speaking to your children about antisemitism.
Hate Symbols – This comprehensive guide by the ADL helps students recognize some common hate symbols to become better educated and aware.
Lesson and Activities about Tolerance – A comprehensive list of lessons and activities for students of all ages from the Museum of Tolerance.
Teaching About Antisemitism – This lesson plan from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum outlines how to teach about antisemitism.
Antisemitism in Our Midst: Past and Present – This video and discussion questions chart the history of antisemitism from its origins until today. From Berkeley Center for Jewish Studies.

ARTICLES and podcasts

Jewish Education Amidst Rising Antisemitism – This issue of The Lookstein Center’s journal, Jewish Educational Leadership, includes brand-new videos and articles from Yossi Klein Halevi, Elissa Ben-Naim, Marc Baker, Yitzhak Santis, and more, in light of the atrocities of October 7th and the corresponding surge in global antisemitism in its wake.
Resilience in Holocaust Education: A Museum-Based Approach – This article from The Lookstein Center’s journal, Jewish Educational Leadership, demonstrates how students can use lessons from the Holocaust to help persevere through the struggles they face today. By Julie Golding.
Why I Teach the Shoah in Fifth Grade – This article from The Lookstein Center’s journal, Jewish Educational Leadership, explains the importance of addressing difficult subjects, even with younger students. By Nance Adler.
We Should Talk With Our Students About Hate – This article from The Jewish Link New Jersey encourages teachers to address the topic of hate and antisemitism with their students on a deeper level. By Rabbi Dr. Wallace Green.
Confronting Antisemitism – Part 1 – This podcast series explores the history of antisemitism and what can be done to combat it. From the All Inclusive Podcast with Jay Ruderman.

Videos from The Rabbi Sacks Legacy

The Mutation of Antisemitism – This video from Rabbi Sacks explores the history of antisemitism and how it has shifted and mutated over time.
The Sacks Conversation – Gila Sacks – In this video from The Rabbi Sacks Legacy, his daughter shares what Rabbi Sacks would say today in the aftermath of October 7th.

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