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MI in the Jewish Studies Curriculum:

Building a Jewish Studies Environment: Focus on Dugma by Semadar Goldstein – Learn how to inject passion into Jewish Studies by taking a tour of a prop center found in a Jerusalem school.

Multiple Intelligences in the Tanakh Classroom by Semadar Goldstein – This powerpoint introduces educators to the “MI Tanakh Formula”, by applying step-by-step methodology to the text of Bereshit 27.

A Jewish Multiple Intelligence Junior High School Curriculum by Semadar Goldstein – Research paper written as an ATID Fellow in 1999-2000. It reviews the successful implementation of MI in American public schools and then suggests methods of implementation for a Jewish curriculum.

Biblical Interactive Learning Centers: based on Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences by Semadar Goldstein – This report describes how the author implemented Howard Gardner’s MI theory into her Tanakh classroom, including goals and obstacles. Included are overviews of Tanakh-centered activities for the eight intelligences.

Designing MI Study:

Teacher Guidelines for Creating Text-Based MI Lessons – To create your own instructional units that focus on traditional text-study, follow the MI formula (text + theme + creativity = MI project) outlined here.

Project Ideas for Multiple Intelligences – A quick reference guide for MI activities, organized according to intelligence.

An Interview with Semadar Goldstein – Semadar discusses the intelligences and how to work them into your classroom.

General Resources:

Multiple Intelligences: Seven Ways to Approach Curriculum by Thomas Armstrong – A short introductory article about planning MI lessons.

An Inteview with Howard Gardner – A three-part ANC interview with Howard Gardner, available on YouTube.

Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom by Thomas Armstrong – The Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, the publishers of the book, have made a few chapters available for free online. The book contains a wide variety of creative teaching methods, projects and seven intelligences. While reading this book, think how can I apply this to the Jewish Studies classroom? As a rule, subsitute Jewish history and Bible when discussing the teaching of history. Substitute lessons from Tanakh for teaching values.

FAQs on Multiple Intelligences by Howard Gardner – Howard Gardner answers frequently asked questions he receives. This document does not include a table of contents or index, so read it through or use the “Find” function to search for a particular keyword or phrase.

Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom – In this teacher-made video, Aimee Carman describes and shows how MI can be integrated into a social science unit on civics/politics.