Below is a collection of additional tools and resources to aid in Jewish History instruction.

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Jewish Virtual Library Maps Wing – This collection includes maps from different locations and periods in Jewish History.
ANU Open Database Project – This collection from the ANU Musuem of the Jewish People includes images, genealogical records, family trees, and more for Jewish families throughout history.
Visual Timeline of The Story of the Jews – This interactive timeline from PBS explores the history of the Jews in the Diaspora.
Timeline for the History of Judaism – This digital timeline from Jewish Virtual Library details events in Jewish History from the year 2000 BCE until the present.
Modern Israeli History – This online timeline from My Jewish Learning includes images, videos, and more.
What is the Holocaust? – This interactive timeline from Yad Vashem features a schematic outline of the progression of the Holocaust.
Historical Maps and Atlases – This collection from Hebrew University includes images from Biblical time periods until the modern era.
National Library of Israel for Educators – This website has a curated selection of primary sources relevant for teachers including lesson plans, teaching suggestions, and information about each resource.
Megalim Institute Video Playlist – These videos explore ancient (Biblical and post Biblical) Jerusalem. Note that it is easier to navigate the Hebrew site, but there is a lot available in English.
Unpacked: The Jewish Story Explained – This series of Jewish history videos also includes accompanying lesson plans and resources for select videos.

Virtual Tour of the SHUM Sites – This virtual tour from UNESCO World Heritage explores the history of the cities of Speyer, Worms, and Mainz.
Jewish Virtual Library Travel Wing – This collection includes virtual tours of Israel, synagogues around the world, concentration camps, and more.
Weitzman National Museum of American Jewish History Virtual Museum – These digital exhibits include videos, virtual tours, and more.
Diarna – This collection of digital geo-exhibits covers 2500 years of Jewish History,
Center for Jewish History Online Exhibits – This collection of online exhibits explores Jewish cultural experiences throughout history.

Historical ARCHIVES
Center for Jewish History – This collection includes lesson plans, historical writings, poems, family trees, and more in a variety of languages covering a large span of Jewish history.
National Library of Israel – This collection includes resources from communities, organizations, and private collections.
Leo Baeck Institute – This collection includes many resources from German-Jewish history and beyond.
Hebrew University – This collection divides resources by region or country, spanning many different periods in Jewish history.
YIVO Institute for Jewish Research – This collection includes letters, documents, and more, including many resources in Yiddish.
Israel Film Archive – This collection from the Jerusalem Cinematheque includes archival footage, videos, and more.
Yad Vashem Archive – This collection includes articles, lesson plans, videos, survivor testimonials, and more.
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Archive – This collection includes historical videos, archival footage, and more from the Holocaust and its survivors.
Toldot Yisrael – This video collection includes archival footage, interviews, testimonials, and more from different periods throughout Israel’s history.
Spielberg Archive – These videos from Hebrew University document the early days of the State of Israel.
American Jewish Historical Society – This collection includes resources from different time periods and cultural periods in American Jewish History.
Digital Archive from the Dreyfus Affair – This collection from Duke University Libraries includes antisemitic caricatures published in France during the Dreyfus Affair.
ASF Institute of Jewish Experience – This collection explores Jewish diversity through a series of educational video clips.
Jewish Partisan Educational Foundation – This website includes curricula, online courses, maps, videos, and more to educate students about the Jewish Partisans.
Museum of Jewish History Artifacts Collection – This archive includes documents, diaries and memoirs, posters, and other visual materials from the Holocaust.
Israel Antiquities AuthorityThis website describes current and past digs and the archaeological findings as pertaining to different periods throughout Jewish History.
The National Library Newspaper Collection – This database of Jewish newspapers from all over the world allows for search via newspaper title or search term.
Jewish Women’s Archive – This website includes biographies and other historical articles centering women in the narrative of Jewish History. 

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