The following bootcamp is being offered for classroom teachers in Jewish schools at a subsidized rate.
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Virtual Bootcamp: The Essentials of Jewish History Instruction

Presented by: Naomi Schrager and Hyim Brandes

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Memory is a critical part of our tradition, and also a powerful educational force as it provides an emotional, personal connection to the past. The academic study of history, on the other hand, is the reconstruction of the past based on factual evidence and primary sources. This bootcamp explores the relationship between memory and history, best practices in Jewish history instruction, and student-centered approaches. Hands-on workshops make up the bulk of the training program and give teachers the skills and tools they need in order to teach Jewish history in an engaging and creative way. 

    • Small group sessions
    • Workshop/Hevruta
    • Reflection and application
    • LMS access with additional resources

Important Information

Participants: 7-12 grade Jewish history teachers

Previous participating schools include: Hillel Yeshiva, Maimonides School, TanenbaumCHAT, Berman Hebrew Academy, Atlanta Jewish Academy, and more.

I loved every minute of it… I certainly knew of these concepts intuitively, but having them so clearly stated is groundbreaking for me. The concept of Memory gives me new language to discuss things with my students. Thank you for making me a more thoughtful history teacher!

~Jewish History Bootcamp Participant

I feel like a much stronger Jewish history teacher because of the bootcamp.

~Jewish History Bootcamp Participant



Bootcamp Facilitators:

This bootcamp is facilitated by members of The Lookstein Center staff.

Naomi Schrager

Naomi Schrager

Director of Education, Lookstein Virtual Jewish Academy

Naomi Schrager is a veteran Jewish educator with more than two decades of experience in classroom instruction, informal education programming, and administration, and currently serves as Director of Education for Lookstein Virtual Jewish Academy. A long-time history lover, she has developed Jewish history curricula, designed and facilitated Professional Development in Jewish history instruction, and supervised its teaching in multiple classrooms, in multiple Jewish day schools. Since making aliyah, Naomi enjoys wandering the land where our national past and present intersect and watching her kids climb and play on antiquities.

Hyim Brandes

Hyim Brandes

Director of Technology

Hyim Brandes works at the intersection of Jewish education and technology. He was the Founder and Executive Director of the Online Jewish Academy and taught Jewish history at deToledo High School. Hyim studied Jewish History at U.C. Berkeley, spent three years studying at Pardes, and was a Joshua Venture Group Fellow. At The Lookstein Center, Hyim serves as the Director of Technology and also develops and leads professional development in personalization, blended and 21st century learning, and Jewish history instruction.