Spotlight on the Gap Year

by | Jan 9, 2024 | Events and Opportunities for Educators

Thursday, February 29, 1-2:15 pm
Via Zoom / Free / Register at

For over a generation, many American Jewish young adults have spent a year between high school and college in Israel—the “gap year.” How does the gap year contribute to North American Jewish education? How does it complicate that work? What does it mean for young adults to go from “here” to “there” to participate in this important educational experience? What do we know about the spiritual, intellectual, and emotional growth of those who do a gap year? What are the elements that contribute to growth among participants in the gap year, and what are the impediments to growth?

This session brings together: Sarah Mali (Jewish Federations of Canada-UIA), Shalom Berger (Herzog College), Jonathan Schwab (Yeshiva University), and Tilly Shemer (Shalom Hartman Institute) in conversation with Jon Levisohn (Brandeis University).


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