Mizrahi Torah Academy is an emergent K-8 Yeshiva looking for a warm and caring Middle School Morah who are excited to be the catalyst for our future leaders to grow and be lifelong Bnos Yisroel. Our designed small class sizes (Max of 10 students) give Moros and students the ability to build meaningful relationships and help ensure that everybody gets the attention and instruction that they need.
The job comes with the responsibility to facilitate and assist our children in growing and learning through creative and innovative techniques, and individualizing instruction for all our students.
Skills and expertise include, but are not limited to:

a deep understanding of Chinuch, Hashkafah, and true Ahavas Hashem and Yisroel
the creation of a stimulating and challenging learning environment through the effective use of different instructional techniques and instructional media

working knowledge of a wide range of assessment strategies consistent with learning content and objectives

successful differentiation of instruction and assessment to meet the needs of all the children in class

effective classroom management through the application of fair and consistent standards, routines, encouragement and loving redirection

development of collaborative and productive working relationships with parents, children and other teachers to support the progress of the children

develop social skills, positive behaviors, as well as best practices for self care

encourage cooperative academic and social learning through games and activities

a true appreciation for Tznius, a passion for connecting with and understanding young bnos Yisroel, and a drive to be mashpia and promote a love for Hashem and Mitzvos

most importantly, a profound love and warmth for students which will permeate all aspects of instruction and communication
At Mizrahi Torah Academy, we truly care about our entire school community. This includes our Rebbeim and Moros. Get in touch to find out more!

Contact Email:rdazerad@mtacademy.org