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The Intersection of Learning Environments, Educational Technology and Human Interaction: A response to Zvi Grumet

In reading Rabbi Zvi Grumet’s summary of the core elements that run through this journal, this statement resonated deeply: ”The empowerment of students to be not only consumers of information but discoverers or creators, the conscious integration of communication and collaboration into learning, and the creation of environments which are adaptable to student needs and foster student flexibility are all part of this shift.”

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Radical Exploration: A response to Estee Eisenberg Fleischmann

​We are used to thinking about learning as a sequence of classes, workshops, visits – and that’s how many institutions design educational experiences. It’s true for most schools and for many Israel tours; Estee Eisenberg Fleischmann explains that it is not the case for camps – or at least Camp Stone, where they thought of “the entire campus as the classroom.

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