Classroom Resources

Birkat Hamazon 1

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This lesson introduces students to the unit and encourages them to consider the purpose of Birkat Hamazon. They will then compose their own version... Read more

Rosh Chodesh Brochure

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Based on the halachot in Masechet Rosh Hashana and Hilchot Kiddush Hachodesh of the Rambam, this brochure calls upon Jews who see the new... Read more

Personalizing Mishna

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This webquest tries to bring an element of reality to the Mishna, to make it more personal and relevant to beginners. Read more

Chanukah Mystery Webquest

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Students in grades 3 through 5 learn what makes a kosher chanukiah (menorah) and then apply their knowledge by classifiying a collection of chanukiot... Read more

Shalosh Regalim with Rabbi Hillel: A WebQuest that Compares the Shalosh Regalim in History

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Fifth and sixth graders will explore the Shalosh Regalim as they were observed in the Second Temple era. In the webquest, students go back... Read more

A Curriculum in Tefilla for Yeshiva Day Schools

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This curriculum outline for Orthodox day schools will be helpful to teachers teaching tefilla for the first time. Includes emotional, cognitive and skill goals,... Read more