Classroom Resources

The Yerusha, Part 1

Israeli stamp of Aleppo Codex

Two-lesson unit on Bereshit 15: 1-8. Students learn about God’s promise to grant Avram a child. Intensive text-study. Includes worksheets. Read more

Personalizing Mishna

Israeli stamp of Worms mahzor

This webquest tries to bring an element of reality to the Mishna, to make it more personal and relevant to beginners. Read more

Shalosh Regalim with Rabbi Hillel: A WebQuest that Compares the Shalosh Regalim in History

Jewish history stamp of City of David

Fifth and sixth graders will explore the Shalosh Regalim as they were observed in the Second Temple era. In the webquest, students go back... Read more

The Quest of the Twelve Tribes

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About the life of King Solomon and the time that was faced by the twelve tribes before their split. Click here. Read more

Calendar Quest

Jewish history stamp of City of David

Exploring the Jewish calendar and the significance behind its holidays. Click here. Read more

Aliyah – A Web-Enhanced Lesson

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In this web-enhanced lesson, students consider where they would like to settle in Israel.   Click here. Read more

A Curriculum in Tefilla for Yeshiva Day Schools

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This curriculum outline for Orthodox day schools will be helpful to teachers teaching tefilla for the first time. Includes emotional, cognitive and skill goals,... Read more