Achan takes the spoils of Jericho, Part 5

  • 50 minutes
  • Grades: 5-6th grade
  • Lesson Plan

Independent study. Students study Sefer Yehoshua 7:16-26 and review the entire chapter by writing a play/poem about the life of Achan.

Lesson objectives

The students will:
1. Relate in detail how Achan is punished (7:22-7:26).
2. Relate the details of Achan’s life as described in the text.


The student should be able to:
1. read the verses with understanding
2. read the verses with punctuation (use of Taamei Hamikra)


Students will:
1. appreciate the consequences of sin as revealed in the story of Achan

Resources & Equipment needed

Tanakh for every student, notebook, writing utensil


1. Hand out the worksheet (see appendix) to the students. Students should review the chapter independently and answer the questions. The worksheet includes questions on the remaining part of the chapter as well as summary activities for the unit.

2. Collect the worksheet. It should serve as an evaluation tool.