Professional Development Resources: Bible

Educating a People: An Haftarah Companion As a Way of Finding a Theology of Judaism

Gidon Rothstein’s compilation of essays on the Haftarot, attempts to reconnect readers to the text and theological ideas of each Parasha’s Haftara. To read the entire article,... Read more

A Judaism That Does Not Hide”: Teaching the Documentary Hypothesis in a Pluralistic Jewish High School

Susan E. Tanchel Ph.D., is Associate Head of School at Gann Academy in Waltham, Massachusetts. Published in Journal of Jewish Education, 74:29-52 (2008). Appears... Read more

Formulating a Curriculum Framework for Torah Study

Published in Ten Da’at XIX (January 2007). Appears here with permission. Introduction During the last ten years we have had the privilege to develop... Read more

Tazriah-M’Tzorah: A Disease of the Soul

This article discusses two Sidrot that have sparked debate surrounding issues of symbolic purity and impurity. To read the article, click here. Read more

Biblical Interactive Learning Centers

This paper is based on Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences and why it is important for the Tanakh classroom.   Click here. Read more

Parashat Ki Tetze: A Bird in the Hand

This article discusses the mitzvoth in Parashat Ki Tetze with a focus on the mitzvah of “sending away the mother-bird.” To read the article,... Read more

The Noach Typologies

This article examines the Torah’s two portraits of Noach. To read, click here. Read more

A Model for Regular Group Midrash Study

Rabbi Professor Lewis Glinert provides a model for group study of Midrash, using Simi Peters’ “Learning to Read Midrash.” To read the full lesson, click... Read more

Peshat and Derash: A New Intuitive and Analyitc Approach

This article explores contradictions and tensions between Peshat and Derash. To read the article, click here. Read more

Parashat Vayera: Avraham Pleads the Cause

This article discusses Parashat Vayera, with a focus on the relationship between God and Avraham. To read the article, click here. Read more
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