Professional Development Resources: Bible

Wisdom and Knowledge of God in Biblical and Talmudic Thought

This article originally appeared in Tradition v.12 #2 Fall, 1971 The ideal of Imitatio Dei occupies a central place in the religious and ethical... Read more

A Tikkun: Rebekah and Eve

This article originally appeared in Tradition 27:1 ,1992. INTRODUCTION The Torah is an organic whole. Each section, each word and letter, is interconnected. When... Read more

Halakhah as a Ground for Creating a Shared Spiritual Language- A Rejoinder

This article originally appeared in Tradition, Summer 1976.   This article refers to the article “Halakhah as a Ground for Creating a Shared Spiritual... Read more

The Implications of Feminine Imagery in the Bible

This article is based on an address given at the 1988 convention of the Rabbinical Council of America. The author acknowledges the work of... Read more

The Sphinx as a Leader: A Reading of Judges 13-16

THE SPHINX AS A LEADER: A READING OF JUDGES 13-16 By: Shalom Carmy This article originally appeared in Tradition. I The scene is familiar:... Read more

State and Religion

First appeared in Tradition Volume 12, No.3-4 (Winter/Spring 1972) A. General Principles (1) The state has no intrinsic value; only an instrumental value. This principle is common... Read more

Scientific Method and Biblical Study

From Tradition, Volume 11, Number 1, Spring 1970   What little the general reader knows of Biblical criticism, he knows it as an opposition to... Read more

Emet Le-Ya’akov

EMET LE’YA’AKOV By: Eitan Mayer If we have national heroes, they are the Avot. Traditional Jewish interpretation of the Torah has poured great energy... Read more

Senior Class D’var Torah Project

The following is an outline of the Beth Tfiloh (Baltimore, Maryland) Senior Class D’var Torah Project, 1998-1999. Each student in the senior class is... Read more

The Biblical Stories of Creation, Garden of Eden and the Flood: History or Metaphor?

This article originally appeared in Tradition Volume 33,2 (1999). Reprinted here with permission. The Rabbis long ago endorsed the idea that the written Torah... Read more
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