Professional Development Resources: Israel

Yom Yerushalayim (Jerusalem Day) Powerpoint Presentations

Created by  ( Presented on Yom Yerushalayim at Hillel Yeshiva High School in Deal NJ. Acknowledgements: Special thanks to Aryeh Eisenberg a technology coordinator... Read more

Israel Advocacy Among U.S. College Students: Who are the activists?

To read the article, click here. Read more

Information about the 18th Knesset Elections in English

Official 17th Knesset elections page Lesson Plan on Israel’s Electoral System – one lesson from the Lookstein Center’s Israel Curriculum Official Knesset site Likud... Read more

Teaching and Learning Hebrew -Steering Or Drifting?

Prof. Aryeh Wohl was the Educational Director of the Center for Educational Technology (CET-MATACH) in Israel for thirty years. He is the Senior Editor... Read more

Teaching Hebrew as a Second/Foreign Language

This time last year I sat at my desk thinking about what is wrong with the teaching of Hebrew as a second/foreign language. The... Read more

Teaching About Israel

This article originally appeared in Tradition Volume 19 #3 Fall 1981 . Reprinted here with permission. Teaching about Israel today is not merely teaching... Read more

The Law and the Land: Why Biblical Israel has Artificial Territorial Boundaries

This article originally appeared in Tradition, 28,2, 1994. Appears here with permission. I. Israel’s Territorial Boundaries Anyone acquainted with the first mishna in the... Read more

Practical suggestions for activities and programs that schools have implemented this school year in reaction to the situation in Israel

I. Online Resources a) Appropriate Link List b) Online Power Point Show c) Webquest on the “Situation” d) Honest Reporting e) Online Response Curriculum... Read more

Practical Suggestions for Activities and Programs to Aid Students’ Identification with Israel

Ideas by participants of the “Engaging the Disengagement” Online Discussion and Semadar Goldstein of The Lookstein Center 1. Classroom debates: a) A soldier’s dilemma... Read more

Knowledge and Attitudes of Post High School Jewish-American Orthodox Students in Israel- A Follow-Up

This article is a rejoinder to a previous research article that explored the attitudes and knowledge of Post High School American students in Israel.... Read more
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