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Goals of Day School Education

This article originally appeared in Ten Da’at, vol. 2, 2, 1987, pp. 30-31. Appears here with permission.   The following is adapted from a talk... Read more

A Yeshivah Contract Provision for Encouraging Professional Growth

This article originally appeared in Ten Da’at, vol. 3, 1, 1988, p. 32. Appears here with permission. There is no escaping the fact that... Read more

Revolutionary Challenge – Changing the Classroom Culture Through Informal Education

  This article originally appeared in Mifgashim. Part I What are the aims of our educational system? I want to suggest here that the... Read more

And Moses Struck the Rock: Numbers 20 and the Leadership of Moses

  Published in Tradition 27:3, 1993 The failure of Moses to lead the Jewish people into the promised land constitutes a central tragedy of... Read more

Sincerity and Authenticity in Teaching

This article first appeared in the Torah U’Madda Journal, Vol. 11 (2002-2003). The Torah U-Madda Journal is a publication of the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary (RIETS), an... Read more

Psychological and Religious Change of Orthodox Jewish Boys During a Post-High School Year of Study in an Israeli Yeshiva

The following article is a dissertation that explored processes of change in parental relationships, religious levels and mental health that occurred in American Orthodox... Read more

Leading Jewish Ethical Discussions

I. What is a Jewish ethical discussion? Ethical discussions are designed to challenge participants to clarify or their thoughts. The process of clarification often... Read more
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