Professional Development Resources Tag: Yom Ha'atzmaut

Israel Resources

Activities for Israel Elections 2015 – This page presents educational resources on the upcoming Israeli elections. Resources include programming ideas, articles, and links. Jerusalem –... Read more

Israel at Sixty (Part 3)

This session (part 3 of 3) provides innovative and fun school programming ideas for Israel education. The session looks at ideas to help students... Read more

Israel at Sixty (Part 2)

This session (part 2 of 3) provides innovative and fun school programming ideas for Israel education, focusing on the ongoing relationship between Israel and... Read more

Israel at Sixty (Part 1)

This session (part 1 of 3) provides innovative and fun school programming ideas for teaching Israeli history. Presented in January 2008. Michael Dickson is... Read more

Readings for a Yom Ha’atzmaut Seuda

This article is collection of readings in Hebrew that are appropriate to be read during a Yom Ha’atzmaut Seuda. To read the article, click... Read more

Articles about Yom Ha’atzmaut from the AVI CHAI Bookshelf

The following four articles have been “Reprinted with permission of the AVI CHAI Bookshelf, where birthright Israel alumni can order free books and... Read more

Yom Ha’atzmaut Resources

Some of the many Yom Ha’atzmaut Resources on Instructional Materials 1) Yom Ha’atzmaut – A lesson plan for high school grades. Students examine Biblical and... Read more

Programming Ideas for Yom Ha’azma’ut

Prepared by David Tesler for The AVI CHAI Foundation Table of Contents I. Text Study II. Experiential Programs III. Israel Today IV. Small Group... Read more
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