I am interested to know what policy, if any, schools have established regarding nose piercings for girls.

On what basis was the policy established?

If it’s a halachic issue, what is the issue and whose “psak” was followed, either to permit or to forbid?

If it’s not a halachic issue, what other issues were considered when making the policy?

Elliott Diamond


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Eliyahu Teitz
Eliyahu Teitz
4 years ago

This is the underlying premise of our dress code policy: Our goal is for students to understand how to dress appropriately in different situations. During school hours and at school events, students should present themselves as mature, respectful learners. Business casual (tucked in collared tops and non-denim bottoms in muted colors) projects that image. There does not need to be a halachic reason behind any part of a dress code. It’s a matter of image. Many employers do not allow nose piercings because it does not project the image they desire. We have not yet decided whether to not allow… Read more »

4 years ago

Nezem zahav was an acceptable gift of betrothal in the Torah, so seems a bit ridiculous to say it is prohibited because of Halacha… maybe for fear of injury due to sports they should be concerned, but not because the Torah forbids it!!