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How do you develop a deep, nuanced, and personal connection to Israel—a connection that can be cultivated from the comforts of your own school?

The Lookstein Center’s BRAND NEW project Inside Israel, is designed to ignite a lifelong connection to and love of Israel. 

Inside Israel provides schools with FREE resource packs throughout the year. Each resource pack, based on a new theme, is complete with engaging learning opportunities, dynamic activities, and immersive experiences to help 7th-10th grade students foster their own informed connection to Israel.

Students will explore questions like what are the ethics of Israeli farming, biotesting, and agricultural trade? They’ll enjoy experiences from the comforts of their own classroom like the sights, smells, and sounds of Jerusalem on erev shabbat. They’ll explore complex topics like the political, social, and cultural implications of Israeli military service. 

Educators who participate in this program will get access to free resources and valuable support to guide their students to a nuanced and personal connection to Israel. 

Program Fee:
✡ This program is free! Inside Israel is fully funded by generous supporters of The Lookstein Center. 

Who is this for?
✡ 7th – 10th grade teachers or Israel club staff can sign up to receive their free access (Multiple teachers from the same school may participate.)

What will you, the teacher, get?
✡ 8 Israel Resource Packs throughout the year (Each resource pack includes a theme, a brief intro video for the educator, learning resources, activity suggestions, and an action-plan for school wide programming.)

✡ Entrance to a $500 Israel-themed-party raffle*

What do you, the teacher, need to do?
✡ Register! Continue to the bottom of this page to sign up!

✡ Run awesome, engaging, Israel sessions with your class

✡ Complete a 2-minute survey after using each Resource Pack

✡ Send us photographs of you and your students using the Resource Pack*

*Teachers who submit photographs of their class using the Inside Israel material will be entered into a $500 Israel-themed-party raffle.

The Fine Print
✡ This is not an Israeli History curriculum. It is not an Israel Advocacy curriculum. It does not cover the current Israel-Hamas War. Inside Israel looks at a wide range of topics from multiple angles, to get get students involved with, connected to, and excited about Israel!

✡ This can be in the context of a classroom setting or in an informal club setting or an afterschool program. Each school will designate a space for the program.

✡ Facilitators should be available to run student facing sessions at least once per month (either in clubs or in the classroom). 

Sample Topics:

✡ Agricultural and Environmental Sustainability
✡ Democracy
✡ Diversity/Kibbutz Galuyot
✡ Hebrew Language and Culture
✡ Innovation

✡ Israel’s Global Connections
✡ Military Service
✡ The Five Senses of Israel

The Five Senses of Israel – Sample Content:

Inside Israel Sample Content

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