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  1. The Thomas Armstrong website links many useful articles highlighting MI, along with ideal ways to incorporate it in your classroom. Apply them easily, on your own, to Jewish education.
  2. I think…therefore…MI includes plenty of MI lessons (apply to Judaic subjects on your own), information, resources and more.
  3. Gigglepotz.com has some useful tools for teachers using MI including a learner survey and a reflection sheet.
  4. New Horizons for Learning includes articles on evaluating the success of MI and helping it succeed in your school.
  5. Holt Rinehart and Winston website includes over forty ready-made rubrics for projects as diverse as map making, script writing and letter writing. Great for MI teaching.
  6. Key Learning Academy in Indiana uses student portfolio instead of standard assessment. Read about their system here and download their guidelines. These can be easily applied to a Jewish school context.