Below are some tips for hosting a meaningful parasha discussion with younger children. Have you successfully run a parasha discussion with your children or students and have something to add to the list? Contact us at

  • Consider the goals and purpose of your parasha discussions – to learn content, to connect on a personal level, etc.
  • Create a set time and place for these discussions (such as at your family’s Shabbat dinner)
  • Set ground rules for parasha discussions together with the children
  • Involve the children in the process and allow them to guide the discussions, where appropriate
  • Make sure to keep discussions short for very young children, ideally no more than 15 minutes
  • Listen and respond to all points made
  • Avoid lecturing
  • Simplify and breakdown complex ideas to younger children so that they can be involved
  • Provide parallels between parasha topics and the children’s lives
  • Provide context and explanations for some of the more disturbing or difficult-to-understand parasha stories and themes
  • Use ‘reminiscing’ or shared memories to address or connect to parasha topics, when relevant

Have fun and report back! 

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