Best Practices in Israel Guidance
Presenter: Naomi Schrager, Director of Education, Lookstein Virtual Jewish Academy                            
Number of Sessions: 2
Dates: Jan 26 & Feb 2, 10-11 AM EST                                                                                                             
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Drawing on years of experience in the field, Naomi Schrager will walk participants through the basics and best practices of developing an effective  Israel Guidance program in Jewish high schools. How do you encourage student participation? How do you share information with students and their families? Naomi will share tools and resources that will help educators tasked with creating a program from scratch and also benefit veterans in the field.  

Higher-Level Thinking in חומש and פרשנים REGISTRATION CLOSED
Presenter: Zvi Grumet, Director of Education
Number of Sessions: 3
Dates: Nov 24, Dec 1, & Dec 8, 10-11 AM EST                                                                                                       
Price: $135  $115   15% discount for members!

This 3-part series will equip middle and high school חומש educators to elevate student thinking, learning, and personal connection to text.
Together we will explore:
• Moving the study of חומש beyond translation
• Engaging students in the process of interacting with the texts they are learning
• Focused critical reading of פרשנים
• How to make פשט and דרש meaningful categories for students

Presenters: Hyim Brandes, Director of Technology & Shani Sicherman, Educational Content Manger
Number of Sessions: 1
Dates: Nov 21 OR Nov 25, 2-3 PM EST                                                                                                                       
Price: $30 $25     15% discount for members!

This session will explore how incorporating educational technology can upgrade an old, stale lesson on Chanukah to something new and exciting to keep your students engaged.  Participants will walk away with some ready-to-use Chanukah EdTech tools for the classroom, such as:
• Interactive versions of the Chanukah story
• A digital candle lighting ceremony
• Chanukah singalongs
• Online dreidel competitions and more!

This course is designed for a supplementary school audience but may be relevant to elementary teachers in Jewish day schools as well.

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