Teacher Leadership

Dedicated. Hard-Working. Talented. Inspiring.
Life-Long Learner. Change-Maker. Teacher.

Teacher Leadership is for teachers who love and excel at their craft and are committed to ongoing improvement. It is for teachers who care about impacting their entire school community while remaining in the place that they love most, their classroom.

Selected participants will emerge from the program ready to become catalysts for ongoing professional growth in their schools. The 16-month program integrates learning, practice, and the development and implementation of a school-specific initiative by each participant. For more information on the program, click here.

Applications are due by April 19, 2020. 

Participant Application

  • Answer one of the following questions regarding professional growth: *

    • Describe a change that you have made in your own teaching practice. What motivated it?
    • What change would you like to make in your own teaching practice? Why do you want to change it?
    • Describe a successful educational change that you have observed in your school or in a colleague’s practice.
    • How do you stay current on best practices or developments in pedagogy, and how do you decide what to implement in your classroom? 
  • Price: $85.00