The Mesivta High School of Greater Philadelphia is seeking a Chief Academic Officer (CAO) to begin by the Summer of 2024, earlier start-date preferred.
The Mesivta is an Orthodox boy’s high school, based on a dual curriculum model, consisting of a college preparatory General Studies curriculum and a comprehensive Judaic Studies curriculum.

The CAO for The Mesivta High School of Greater Philadelphia will oversee and manage all educational operations for the school. The CAO will work together with the Rosh Mesivta, the head of Learning Support, the college guidance counselor, the educational staff, the administrative staff, and the Board of Directors, to ensure that the School accomplishes its mission of educating students in Torah and secular disciplines, and preparing them for high-level post high school yeshiva study, as well as for acceptance into the highest caliber universities.

The CAO also provides guidance as a mentor and supervisor to the students through formal and informal engagement, and oversees academic standards for The Mesivta. The CAO will be accountable to the Rosh Mesivta.

Key areas of responsibility include:
● Work with Rosh Mesivta to create high-level educational goals and standards
● Oversee general studies curriculum, instruction and assessment
● Set school-wide educational improvement goals and track progress
●Build and maintain schedule and student electronic grade tracking in Mesivta’s learning management system (currently Renweb-FACTS)
● Recruit, supervise, and retain excellent faculty
● Coordinate staff professional development
● Create and manage the schedule of classes and electives, including
personalized student schedules
● Monitor and support individual student academic and developmental progress
● Ensure effective educational data collection, associated decision-making, and
● Communicate with parents around school-wide and individual student issues
● Supervise learning and social/emotional/behavioral counseling support
● Supervise and oversee college guidance program
●Maintain compliance with state educational requirements
● Work with the Rosh Mesivta and Board of Directors to develop and enhance the School’s relationships with the parent body, community, and donors
● Strengthen school relationships with parents and prospective parents