Farber Hebrew Day School/Yeshivat Akiva is looking for a Rav Bet Sefer for its ECC – 12th grade school.

The Rav Bet Sefer will have responsibilities overseeing Judaic-related decisions made in our school as they affect interactions with our student body, parent body and community as a whole. Additionally, the Rav Bet Sefer will act as a liaison between the rabbinical staff, the Head of School and Board of Trustees in ensuring that we are achieving our mission in representing Orthodox Jewish values in all of our activities. This role will be somewhat fluid as the needs of our community are often changing.

Job Requirements:
*Respected member of Orthodox Jewish community with RCA certification/or equivalent
*Excellent teacher and able to connect with students in and out of the classroom
*Capable of understanding the needs of our student base and diverse community

Specific Responsibilities of the Rav Bet Sefer:
*Role as Halakhic Authority
*Will bring issues to the Head of School (HoS) that relate to enforcing halakha across the school
*Will advise HoS and Principals in cases where sensitivities to specific families are to be considered
*Meet bi-weekly with HoS to discuss Judaic culture in the school
*Will work with Board of Trustees on seeing that all events maintain our halachic and hashkafic standards

Educational responsibilities:
*The Rav Bet Sefer will teach the equivalent of three courses in the middle and/or high school
*Maintain a presence in classes as warranted (“ask the rabbi sessions or the like”)
*Assist in overseeing curriculum issues in Judaic and Secular coursework
*Reviewing new texts for appropriateness/context
*Making sure all celebrations are given appropriate religious context
*Liaison between Rabbinic Staff and school/community
*Will organize and oversee regular meetings with Rabinnic staff to elevate and address concerns
*Presence at milestone events throughout the school
*Reports bi-monthly to Board on Judaic culture and events in the school
*Occasional dvar torah in newsletter
*Community role
*Help recruiting families and students
*Give regular shiurim in the community and in Farber for the community

Compensation and benefits are very competitive, based on the local market and prior experience.

To apply, please submit a cover letter and resume to HR@farberhds.org.

Contact Email:hr@farberhds.org