Kohelet Yeshiva
Beit Midrash Fellows Program

Kohelet Yeshiva is inaugurating a Beit Midrash Fellows program. Fellows in our program will spend most (approximately 75% of their time) of their days in our beautiful Novoseller Beit Midrash learning. Their time will be split between their own learning projects and a seder limmud organized by our Rosh Beit Midrash. By learning in our Beit Midrash, the Fellows will elevate Kavod HaTorah for our entire school community. In addition to their own learning, the Fellows will also serve as sho’alim u’meishivim for 6-12th grade classes, attend school shabbatonim and interact with students in a variety of informal learning experiences. Opportunities for learning about the field of chinuch and gleaning best practices in chinuch from master educators will be available for the Fellows.

Why choose Kohelet’s Beit Midrash Program?
We know there are several Beit Midrash Fellows programs and community Kollelim. Why choose ours?
Kohelet’s BMFP gives you an opportunity to spend most of your time continuing your own learning with generous compensation.
Kohelet’s BMFP gives you the opportunity to make an impact on an entire community, not just a school, without having to go too far from the New York area.
Join one of the most exciting school cultures in the country with an amazing array of educators to learn with and from.

Who Should Consider Kohelet’s Beit Midrash Fellows Program. Any of the following!
People have completed Semicha, GPATs or a similar learning program and want to be able to afford another year to learn before entering chinuch or communal work.
People who have completed college (or graduate school) and want to learn for a year and give back to the community before starting their professional career.
People who want experience in a school environment before beginning full time teaching.
Singles and couples are welcome to apply!

$25,000 Salary
Inclusion in our generous faculty benefits package
Free housing within a mile of Kohelet (based on double occupancy)
Travel stipend to facilitate returning home

Contact Email: ahorn@koheletyeshiva.org