Classroom Resources

War, Peace and Judaism 1

Israeli stamp commemorating Memorial Day

The first lesson in a four-lesson unit. Students look at war and peace from the perspective of Biblical history and Jewish ethics by studying... Read more

Toolbox for Interpersonal Conflict

children Israeli stamp

This webquest combines the learning of texts with its applications to interpersonal relationships amongst the students of a class. Read more

The Perfect Shabbat Egg Salad

A quest to create a recipe for egg salad that can be prepared on Shabbat without violating the Melakhot of Borer, Tochain or Lash.... Read more

Unit on Thievery and Fraud for Junior High Schools and High Schools

Israeli stamp of Worms mahzor

This unit on gzela and gneva includes sources in Hebrew and English and study questions. By Yehuda Eisenberg. Reproduced with permission. Read more

Teaching Yehoshua, Part 2

Israeli stamp of Aleppo Codex

This lesson compares free men to slaves and argues that Bnai Yisrael had to undergo a spiritual transformation before entering the Land of Israel.... Read more

Teaching Yehoshua, Part 1

Israeli stamp of Aleppo Codex

Short activity used when teaching Yehoshua chapter 2 to elementary school children. Read more

Hineni! Shmuel’s First Prophecy

Israeli stamp of Aleppo Codex

In this Multiple Intelligence lesson, students study the story of Shmuel’s first prophecy and then express the storyline in drama/creative writing/art. Read more