Classroom Category Resources: Jewish Law/Halakha

The Basic Categories of Talmudic Thought

This pamphlet offers a basic introduction to the study of Talmud, including: The basic categories of Talmudic thought The basic terms for discussing Talmud... Read more

Webquest on the Prohibitions of Shabbat

A web-enhanced lesson discussing what is forbidden to do on Shabbat and why. Click here. Read more

The Torah’s View on Stemming Stem Cell Research

Addressing the issues that arise when assessing the propriety of stem cell research and the halakhic approach towards them. By Heshy Weiner Click here. Read more


Exploring the laws of medical emergencies on Shabbat, what comes first and what is allowed when facing a situation where it is required to... Read more

The Perfect Shabbat Egg Salad

A quest to create a recipe for egg salad that can be prepared on Shabbat without violating the Melakhot of Borer, Tochain or Lash.... Read more

Unit on Thievery and Fraud for Junior High Schools and High Schools

This unit on gzela and gneva includes sources in Hebrew and English and study questions. By Yehuda Eisenberg. Reproduced with permission. Read more

Rosh Hashana as a Day of Judgment 2

Students engage in independent text-study to learn about Rosh Hashana as a day of judgment. Read more