Classroom Category Resources: Jewish Law/Halakha

Rosh Hashana as a Day of Judgment 1

Students engage in independent text-study to learn about Rosh Hashana as a day of judgment. Read more

Researching the Development of Torah She Be’al Peh (Project) 1

This is a self-directed project in which students create a timeline of the development of Torah Sheh Ba’al Peh. Read more

Birkat Hamazon 12

This lesson contains a review test for assessment purposes. Read more

Birkat Hamazon 11

In this lesson students will explore Birkat Hamazon in the context of Jewish ritual and law by studying the Kitzur Shulhan Arukh (in Hebrew... Read more

Birkat Hamazon 10

In this lesson, Birkat Hamazon will be used as a springboard to other Jewish texts. Students will study and analyze the biblical sources found... Read more

Birkat Hamazon 9

In this lesson, students will explore different approaches towards mitzvot and apply them to Birkat Hamazon. The concept, role, and purpose of the mitzvot... Read more

Birkat Hamazon 8

In this lesson, students will analyze Birkat Hamazon as a prayer and then as a blessing. Read more