Professional Development Resources: Life cycle

The Post-High School Yeshiva Experience in Israel: Goals and Benefits

This article originally appeared in Ten Da’at. Republished with permission of the author.   The following was presented at a meeting of the Educational Liaison Committee... Read more

Honoring and Mourning Adoptive and Step Parents

Reprinted from Le’ela, June 2001, no. 51   (Dr. Wolowelsky is Associate Editor of the MeOtzar HoRav Series: Selected Writings of Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik,... Read more

Responding to a Death in the School Family: A Handbook/Checklist for Educators in Jewish Community Junior and Senior High Schools

This article is a handbook/checklist for educators in Jewish Community Junior and Senior High Schools, in regards to responding to a death in the... Read more

A Memorial Prayer for “9/11”

As a member of Hatzoloh, I responded to the World Trade Center on the morning of September 11, 2001. Given the notable Jewish dimension... Read more

Memorial Prayer for 9/11 (Hebrew)

אֲדוֹן עוֹלָם אֲשֶר כָּל יְצִיר נִבְרָא בִּדְמוּתוֹ וּבְצַלְמוֹ. אָבִינוּ שֶבַּשָּׁמַיִּם הַפּוֹצֶה אֶת עֲבָדָיו מֵחֶרֶב רָעָה. אֵל נְקָמוֹת פְּקוֹד-נָא בְּקִנְאָתְךָ אֲנָשִים, נָשִים, וָטַף אֲשֶר נִסְפּוּ... Read more

Commitment vs. "Connecting"

Commitment vs. “Connection” By Rabbi Yehuda Amital zt”l   One of the cornerstones of Judaism is commitment. However, the very concept of commitment today... Read more

Bar/Bat-Mitzvah Study Units

1. CHANGE — (Physical, emotional, intellectual, social, etc.) A. Students are to bring in pictures of a parent at different stages of life, from... Read more