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The Connection Between Religiousity, Affiliation and the Positions Taken by School Principals Regarding Religious, Ethical Dilemmas

This article explores issues of the connection between religious level and affiliation in regards to ethical dilemmas. This resource is in Hebrew. To read the... Read more

Recognizing Greatness in Non-Jews: The Passing of Nelson Mandela

This article discusses the category of Hasidei Umot Haolam, with a focus on the achievements of Nelson Mandela. To read the article, click here. Read more

Jewish Virtual Learning Networks

Introduction: Online learning groups and “Communities of Practice” represent a rapidly growing phenomenon, and the Jewish world is successfully taking part in the professional... Read more

Two Aspects of Jewish Identity

Click here to read this very interesting article about Jewish identity. Read more

Vision of a Modern Orthodox Jewish Education

This paper was written for the Mandel Foundation’s Visions of Jewish Education project. Republished here with permission. Introduction: An ideal Modern Orthodox Jewish educational... Read more

Classroom Teaching with Mark Smilowitz: Having Fun in Class

Having Fun in Class – 027 – What’s wrong with making your classroom fun? Here are some ways to bring fun into the classroom. 15... Read more

Classroom Teaching with Mark Smilowitz: Collective Punishment

Collective Punishment – 023 – Sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint the source of a problem and there is a temptation to mete out consequences to... Read more